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Tire Rotations

Do you regularly inspect your commercial tires for uneven tire wear? Long hauls can cause tires to experience different levels of wear. Alternating tires according to tire rotation patterns will help promote longer lasting tires.

At Commercial Tire Source, we provide tire rotations to fleets and commercial businesses in Puunene, HI, Kahului, HI, Wailuku, HI, and surrounding areas across the island.

The Importance of Tire Rotations for Fleets & Commercial Businesses

Commercial Tire Rotations in Puunene, HI

Tire rotations are another way fleet managers and trucking companies can promote longer lasting tires and conserve costs. Tires tend to exhibit differing amounts of tread wear because each tire does not experience the same amounts of stress as its companions. Our tire rotation service involves changing the position of a vehicle’s tires in order to reduce massive tread differentiation between them.

Depending upon the type of truck, the tire rotation pattern may vary. Some tire rotation patterns suggest swapping the front tires with one-another, the rear tires with one-another, or swap the front and rear tires. If the truck has a full-size matching spare tire, it may also be included in the rotation cycle.

Why Tire Rotations from Commercial Tire Source?

Beyond the benefit of extended tread life, routine and professional tire rotation services can also improve your gas mileage. Our tire rotation service can help prevent massive tread differentiation between tires, encourage better vehicular performance, and save you money by contributing to better gas mileage.

Rotating your tires is an effective way to deal with uneven tread wear. Every commercial vehicle and heavy truck has its own tire rotation schedule. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for recommended tire rotation timelines and patterns. Contact us online or visit us today to learn more.

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